NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Journey of Hope Relaunch

When we left the Pardee Rd. property and moved into West Middle School in Taylor, we decided to treat ourselves like a church plant and launch ourselves back into the community. Over the past thirteen weeks, we have been getting used to our new space and our new portable system. We felt like this was vital before we began inviting others to our gatherings. February 10th is the day in which we chose to launch our first gathering for the public. Over these past thirteen weeks amazing things have taken place: 

  • Our volunteer engagement has increased 45%

  • We've served the Taylor School District and built a relationship with them

  • We held a teacher and staff appreciation luncheon at the school

  • We continue to write encouraging notes to the students

  • We are collecting supplies that the teachers need for their classrooms

  • We bought the school over 300 new chairs they needed for events

  • We have planned out some upcoming strategic community events

 We ask that you join us in prayer for Feb 10th that Jesus would continue to move on the hearts of our friends that we are inviting to that day, that people would accept the salvation of Jesus, that we would continue to build in-roads into our community, and the missional culture will continue to develop.

Learn more about Journey of Hope on this week's podcast episode!

Dustin Weber
Dwight and Julie Weber Launch New Microchurch Network

This past Sunday, Spring Arbor FMC commissioned Dwight and Julie Weber to launch a network of Microchurches in the Michiana area. This endeavor is a joint venture between the Wabash and Southern Michigan Conferences with the goal of establishing a network of Microchurches, focusing on people who are not interested in church as we know it.  These groups will meet any place that people naturally gather (i.e. in factory breakrooms, schools, restaurants, homes, etc.). These unique communities will be led by pioneers who long to see their friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances come to Christ and discipled to walk like Jesus. 

Please be praying for Dwight and Julie as they sell their home in Spring Arbor, relocate to Elkhart Indiana and begin this exciting new apostolic initiative with Mission Igniter.

Dustin Weber
Journey of Faith Starts New Groups

Journey of Faith Community is on the move and is excited to see God answering your prayers for the 10/36 Initiative. God is opening doors for the Journey of Faith Community to begin their first groups. In just the last month, the door has opened for them to start multiple groups at the Lincoln Senior center, one for just seniors and several for adults of all ages. They’ve also received the go-ahead to start groups at the public library which will be open to families. As the number of groups increase, we look forward to their first monthly celebration service in January. This will be held in a local elementary school.

You can learn more about Journey of Faith on Facebook or their webpage. You can also give financially to Journey of Faith here.

Ann Arbor Church Plant

Derik and Kim Heumann will be making a prayer and vision trip this month to Ann Arbor where they will begin church planting work in the fall of 2018. Pray for them as they join the Mission Igniter team for three days of intensive prayer, planning and dreaming on site in Ann Arbor.


Mission Igniter exists to multiply apostolic leaders in communities on mission. Pastor Dustin Weber has been chosen to be the Executive Director of this project. Dustin’s experience on the mission field, combined with his effective pastoral leadership at the Dearborn Church, has uniquely positioned him for this strategic role. With the many new opportunities for multiplication that are developing through the 10/36 initiative, we are grateful to be able to place this leader into this position to keep our current momentum.