God has designed each leader differently. A multi-layered approach to assessments will help you better understand yourself and how God has designed you to multiply.

Level One

three step Online Assessment

Step 1 - Complete the Initial Screening Assessment and review it with our team

We utilize Church Planter Profiles to provide a basic foundational insight into your gifting, personality and experience. The Initial Screening Assessment is an 85 question tool that will provide insight into your (1) Experience, (2) Entrepreneurial Leadership, (3) Ministry Experience, and (4) Relational Evangelism. Getting started is free to you.

 To take your Initial Screening Assessment ($10), click on the button below and follow these three steps when registering: 

A.   When asked “Are you already working with an agency?” Answer, “Yes – I was asked to complete a profile by a church planting agency”
B.    Choose "Mission Igniter" as your agency.
C.    Complete the account registration and connect with us to discuss your results.

Step 2 - Complete a Full Profile online

After connecting with a Mission Igniter coach to review your Initial Screening Assessment, your free assessment profile may be upgraded by us to complete the following assessments:

  • The Golden Personality Profile™ is based on the four letter personality typology with a 16 page report detailing your strengths and growth opportunities.

  • The Portrait Predictor™ is a DiSC based assessment with a 6 page report which highlights your strengths, growth opportunities and provides an application guide with next steps.

  • The Spiritual Gifts assessment will indicate the strongest of your gifts among a list of 19 Biblically identified areas of giftedness.

  • The online 360 Evaluation allows you to invite others to provide feedback on 12 critical qualities of church planting.

  • The StrengthsFinder™ assessment is available as an additional option. To complete the StrengthsFinder you must purchase one of several StrengthsFinder books and use the included code to complete the online assessment. You may then share your results on Church Planter Profiles.

Step 3 - Complete the Online application 

Complete the Mission Igniter Employment application online.

Level Two

Complete a full day Ridley (PAS) Assessment Interview

Dr. Charles Ridley developed the Profile Assessment System to identify 13 prominent performance dimensions that demonstrate a high capacity for leading church multiplication. Through an extended interview, an assessor (or assessment team) will explore how a candidate demonstrates key characteristics in their past. Candidates are asked to share from their past experience to provide specific examples for each area explored. The assessment team will provide a comprehensive report detailing a candidate's strengths and potential weaknesses which will provide direction in developing a potential multiplication plan.