How We Can Help You

Multiplier Assessments 

Launching new ministries requires the right leader with the right model. A proven series of assessments help identify both the right leader and the right multiplication model for that leader. Our multi-phase process allows sponsoring agencies to start assessments with minimal expense before moving too far into the process. 


Multiplication Training 

Through Multiplication Bootcamps and Residency Cohorts multipliers can receive the needed tools and training to ensure an effective launch. Our Church Multiplication Residency Cohorts walk with leaders through the process of starting a new church, providing the necessary training and coaching as they progress.  


New Church Planning

A strong and well vetted plan is critical to a successful launch of a new church or missional outpost. Mission Igniter walks leaders through developing a strong comprehensive plan that contains the necessary strategies and system which form the structure of a strong new church. 


Administrative Support 

Our administrative support team lifts the burden off of Apostolic leaders, allowing them to concentrate on their gifted areas and on people. We provide the support for Image work, marketing, bookkeeping, planning, By-laws, 501(c)3 formation and much more.


Ongoing coaching 

Throughout the process experienced leaders will journey with church multipliers in a coaching relationship. A supportive coach brings increased accountability and provides a dynamic relationship for strategizing and problem solving.